The 4th edition of the AseBio Green Innovation Forum (formerly know as AseBio Agrobiotechnology & Bioeconomy Forum), aligns its content with national and European recovery programs for a new green and sustainable economic growth.

Organized by AseBio, the Spanish Bioindustry Association, the event aims to highlight this recovery agenda that encourages and renews Spain’s commitment to science and innovation, as well as connecting it with strategic industrial areas with great transformative capacity and impact on people’s lives.

The AseBio Green Innovation Forum offers you the opportunity to learn in detail how biotechnology provides solutions to all these challenges and helps you to connect with industry, academia and the public sector.

Who should attend?

Biotech industry: companies, foundations & academia.

Companies and institutions from other industrial sectors.

Public sector: government officials from the national, regional and local administration.

Any other company, institution or individual interested in connecting with the Spanish green economy sector.

A new Sustainable and Knowledge-intensive economic model

We have the great challenge of turning our scientific knowledge into specific solutions that respond to the challenges our society faces. For this reason, the AseBio Green Innovation Forum will revolve around these thematic areas:

With the 2030 Agenda and now with the European Union’s  “Green Deal”, Spain and the rest of Europe have a new growth roadmap to help us make the decisions that will allow us to promote a new economic model connected with challenges such as sustainable food, the climate emergency and industrial transformation.

Spain needs an Industrial Strategy to boost its productive fabric through innovation, designing an adequate financing framework for areas that are especially strategic due to their impact & transformative capacity.

Sectors with high added value, which contribute significantly to the improvement of people’s lives, the health of the planet and capable of promoting sustainable growth, must be the priority of this new growth paradigm.

Biotechnology will play a leading role in this industrial transformation.  Currently, Spain ranks 9th in scientific production in biotechnology globally.

Placing science at the heart of policy and regulation will allow us to take advantage of all the possibilities that technology offers, including new gene editing techniques such as CRISPR with great potential to improve health, people’s nutrition and the sustainability of the planet.

That is why we believe that we have to take advantage of all biotechnology  offers in strategic sectors such as agri-food. We believe it is essential to build new bridges between science and society through communication, education and scientific advice to fight misinformation, so society can perceive all the social benefits of R&D investment and new innovations.  

Public-private collaboration is one of the great challenges of the science & innovation system in Spain. The design of specific public-private collaboration policies and the modernization of our research institutions will be key to creating impact research, finding real solutions to social and environmental problems, and generating employment and economic growth in our country.

The AseBio Green Innovation Forum has the  objective of connecting the biotechnology industry, other industrial sectors, the public sector, research centers and any entity for which biotechnology is a fundamental tool in its development or its industrial transformation.

To achieve this, all participants registered in the event will have an individual partnering account through which to organize a personalized 1:1 meeting agenda. This tool will allow you to publish your company profile, send / receive meeting requests, and connect with all the participants wherever you are, since the tool is adapted to hold your meetings by videoconference.

About AseBio

At AseBio, the Spanish Bioindustry Association, we bring together and represent the interests of companies, associations, foundations, universities, technology and research centers that work in the field of biotechnology in Spain.

Since 1999, we have worked to achieve positive political and economic changes that promote and boost the development of the Spanish biotechnology industry. In order to do this, AseBio works closely with regional, national and European legislative bodies, as well as with all those social organisations that are committed to using biotechnology to improve citizens’ quality of life, environmental sustainability, economic development and skilled job creation.

Our broad membership base and our extensive network of national and international collaborations make Asebio the key representative when it comes to designing policies and programmes for encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and company development in the biotechnology industry, an undisputed vehicle for economic and social growth in Spain.

For AseBio, cooperation and working as part of a network is a priority. This is why we are members of EuropaBio, the European Bioindustry Association, which is made up of almost one hundred business organisations, together representing the interests of over 1800 European companies.

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