2017 edition list of investors:

Almirall is a pharmaceutical company committed to health that bases its strategy on innovation and international growth. Headquartered in Barcelona (Spain), Almirall researches, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary R&D and third party drugs for the purpose of improving people’s health and well-being.
Andera Partners (formerly Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners), has participated for more than 20 years in the development and dynamism of European SMEs. Helping to accelerate growth, our 29 investors build genuine partnerships with entrepreneurs and directly contribute to improving the performance of the companies in which they invest. Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners provides institutional investors with access to high-growth segments which require development capital skills and considerable sector-specific expertise.
Andera Partners is a management company approved by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF approval: GP 02029) which manages more than 1.3 € billion through specialized funds. The four segments in which we operate are Development Capital Mid Caps in France and Italy (through our exclusive partnership with the Italian team of Mast Capital Partners), Development Capital Small Caps in France, private equity in Life Sciences in Europe and Development Capital in China.
BANC, the Business Angels Network of Catalonia
BANC, the Business Angels Network of Catalonia, tries to connect entrepreneurs (seed or startup projects) with investors. We work for multisectoral projects (industrial, agrotech, tic, medical devices, etc.) with needs between 25.000 € and 350.000 €. BANC was the first Catalan and Spanish private Business Angels Network. The organization was founded by the CECOT employers union and Autoocupació foundation, with the collaboration of ICF (Institut Català de Finances). BANC belongs to the XIP (Xarxa d’Inversors Privats d’Acció), it is a member of the Spanish Association of Business Angels Networks (AEBAN) and the European Business Angels Network (EBAN). BANC is the main promoter in Spain for the Global Business Angels Network (GBAN).

Global project of development and investment in HEALTH, BIOCREW is a network of private investors promoted by different agents and oriented to the sciences of life and technology

Biocrew aims to be a network of private investors promoted by different agents and investors, with the goal of boosting entrepreneurial and investment activity linked to life sciences and technology. Biocrew aims to create a sector-focused pledge fund to accompany startups and investors at all times.

Biocrew seeks private and strategic partners with a biosanitary background to contribute capital, a network of contacts and know-how.

BIOCREW, presents a committee formed by different professionals from the public and private sector with experience in different strategic aspects, in the analysis of business projects, formed by a multidisciplinary team of economists, lawyers, and professionals in the health sector. It will coordinate and advise on the decisions of the Investors Club, the management of the lines of financing / co-investment obtained additionally and the monitoring and supervision of the investment projects analyzed and executed.


BioGeneration Ventures (BGV) is a specialist life sciences venture capital firm, with a focus on early stage European biotech, medtech, and diagnostics companies. BGV has a strong track record of significant financial returns through investing in innovations in healthcare and providing the expertise to build world- class teams. BGV manages funds investing in areas where the science, the unmet medical need, and the potential to promptly demonstrate a significant proof of concept all come together.

Successful investments include divestment of Dezima Pharma to Amgen for up to USD 1.55 billion in total deal value and in Acerta Pharma for up to USD 7 billion with a guaranteed payment of USD 4 billion. In both companies BGV was founding investor. The Acerta Pharma sale was the largest exit ever of a privately held European biotech company. Over the last decade BGV has made over 20 investments. BGV is now investing out of the third fund of EUR 66M.


Biopolo La Fe is an acceleration program of health initiatives in the clinical validation stage or “proof of concept”. Promoted by IIS Hospital La Fe, Biopolo La Fe acts as strategic partner to foster the projects to the market, undertaking financial and development risks, providing professional clinical and scientific advice and offering laboratory and enterprising facilities integrated within the Hospital La Fe complex.

Biopolo La Fe acts as strategic partnership,
• Designing and conducting clinical validation studies in compliance with regulatory requirements (EMA, FDA and PMDA).
• Ongoing evaluation to support decision-making and eventual reorientation of the project to optimize time and cost-efficiency.
• Cost/effectiveness studies in hospital/primary healthcare environments.
To reinforcement of overall project credibility and visibility.

Biopolo La Fe focuses on new molecules or therapies, diagnostic tools, health products, medical devices, ICTs applied to health and clinical validation of nutraceuticals / cosmeceuticals. Biopolo La Fe, together with the Promoter Team, will establish the most appropriate return formula (royalties, joint venture, …) to guarantee the success of the initiative. Biopolo La Fe is seeking innovative initiatives in the Health sector, with advanced development, close to the “first in man” phase.


BioSeed Capital, based at the Shard in London and at the Scientific Park in Barcelona, is focus on early stage innovative projects for hard to treat diseases linking investment and international business development for biotech based companies in drug discovery processes. Our International development business team has a global strategy to develop an international portfolio with high value partnerships.

Our business concept is based on offering individual support and assessment in early stage processes during the discovery of new drug candidates and the empowerment of international entrepreneurship trough biotech based companies with high add value for future treatments. With the mission of deliver success to the companies and launching new drugs to the market our team has the vision of supporting human healthcare due to new treatments that improve people’s life.


Building on 25 years of experience in corporate R&D strategy and business development in biotechnology as applied to pharma, healthcare and food sectors, BioSerentia was founded in 2008 as a biotech business accelerator and strategic consulting firm focused on all value chains that benefit from life sciences technologies and industries. Since then we have committed to landmark projects with tangible outcomes for public and private blue chip clients in bioentrepreneurship, biotech policy making as well as venture investing in four startups so far, in the process of exiting in one of them. For these startups, as an accelerator of corporate value, we have actually outperformed classical models of management by reducing from 5 to 3 years the time needed to fulfill key milestones.
We therefore provide full support to biotech and high tech startups in the form of seed funds, training, venture building services and senior interim management in partnerships with other investors and VC firms, with the ultimate goal of boosting the ventures to the next level of investing/exit.


Caixa Capital Risc, the venture capital arm of Criteria Caixa, an investor that provides equity and convertible loans to innovative companies in their early stages.

Through different specialized vehicles, we invest in the seed phase and offer support during the A and B Series rounds, if necessary. Caixa Capital Risc manages a capital of 195 million euro and invests mainly in Spanish companies in the following fields:

  • TIME: corporate software, communications equipment, and Internet/mobile business.
  • Healthcare/ Life sciences: therapeutic treatments, drug development, medical devices, and healthcare services.
  • Industrial technology: new materials, sustainability, process technology, etc.

In addition to our investment activity, we develop an intense activity of supporting the transfer of technology and the development of enterprises in their early stages, through programs such as CaixaImpulse or the Premios Emprendedor XXI.


Capital Cell is Europe’s first equity investment platform specialising in life science. Having successfully closed 14 campaigns in Spain during the past 2 years, raising more than 4.4M€ for the advancement of life science, the company recently expanded, launching a second platform in the UK.

Funding campaigns range from new medical devices, technological advancements and diagnostic development, to the research and development of novel therapeutics and treatments as well as measurement and control systems.

Each campaign featured on the platform has been through a rigorous review process, including analysis conducted by the BioExpert Network ( – a community of more than 700 scientific and medical professionals, IP lawyers, business consultants and industry experts.

CDTI - Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology

The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) is a Public Business Entity, answering to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, which fosters the technological development and innovation of Spanish companies. It is the entity that channels the funding and support applications for national and international R&D&i projects of Spanish companies. The CDTI thus seeks to contribute to improving the technological level of the Spanish companies by means of implementing the following activities:

  • Financial and economic-technical assessment of R&D projects implemented by companies.
  • Managing and fostering Spanish participation in international technological cooperation programmes.
  • Fostering international business technology transfer and support services for technological innovation.
  • Supporting the setting up and consolidating technological companies.

We provide advice on corporate fund raising rounds focusing particularly on innovation driven companies. We have the experience and the understanding of the context on which innovation driven companies require capital support.

Since 2013, we have participated as principal investors in companies focused on technology helping their growth in new markets. The combined M&A and Capital Markets skillset has been instrumental in the successful execution of our principal investments.


Clave Mayor is a venture capital firm, focused in tech transfer projects mainly in Spain. We manage currently several funds in investment process with a total volume of more than 30 million euros to invest in different sectors, one of which is Health, counting on not only biotech projects but also and more precisely, Applied Technologies Spinoffs/Startups referred to Medical Devices, mHealth, e-Health…

Our purpose is to invest after the Proof of Concept (TRLs 4-9), in dealflow coming from Universities, Research Centers, or other origins, in a very early stage even taking part in the settlement of the companies (or during the first years) and supporting the startups generating value, not only from a financial or legal perspective but also in fulfilling their strategic goals, thanks to our background investing in Health and also to the involvement of some of our Limited Partners, who are already players in the sector.

Clave Mayor was launched in 2002 in Pamplona (North of Spain) where we have our Headquarters. We currently have also branch offices in Valladolid and Valencia and we have managed during this 15 years more than a 100MM€.


Columbus Venture Partners is a Spanish independent venture capital that brings a unique approach for investing in outstanding early-stage and high growth opportunities in the life science industry of Spain. Our team includes solid and internationally experienced investment professionals with a deep scientific, medical and business development background combined with a proven experience in building and investing in companies to accelerate their commercialization. The combination of industry possibilities and investment experience will provide Limited Partner investors in the Fund a level of professionality and deep expertise that is essential for success in this field.


Cross Road Biotech Inversiones Biotecnológicas (CRB Inverbío SGEIC SA) is a venture capital management firm registered with number 87 in the CNMV. CRB Inverbío manages Venture Capital Firms that invest in the development of seed stage companies in life sciences that address unmet medical needs and have the potential to grow into successful businesses. To that end, the company selects innovative projects led by prestigious scientists and entrepreneurs, providing financing, management support and strategic advice.

CRB Inverbío is based upon the expertise and successful track record in continuous value creation of Cross Road Biotech, a Spanish venture capital firm that has invested and managed fourteen biotech companies since 2005. CRB Inverbío has a unique competitive advantage: the expertise, analytical capabilities and commitment to succeed of the management team: a key element to build highly successful businesses and maximize the returns to the investors.


Our main objective is to manufacture and sell novel vaccines that serve as a benchmark for quality and efficiency, promotes new treatments while seeking technological innovation to improve the performance of our production, as well as seek a profitable and beneficial investment for CZV veterinaria in a short and long term.


Since its foundation in 2003, DCN has promoted and managed investment initiatives to leverage innovative projects coming from the business, scientific or academic sectors. This activity has been focused to diferent economic sectors like innovation, biomedicine, digital tecnologíes, product development and fashion. It has advised the Spanish Public Administration in the definition of the future innovation economic model to pursue within the strategic sectors of the Spanish economy.

In this moment DCN gathers more than 70 investors from Spain and USA, in three investment societies, one to invest in innovation in the biomedicine sector (Dosbio50), another to invest in digital technologies applied to the Health and Entertainment sectors (50tresdigital) and a third one to invest in innovation in any sector (Realiza). Besides promotes the creation of Corporate Venture Capital funds to strategically manage the innovation process and lately acquire the start ups. DCN applies its own Management Technologies of consolidated companies, to leverage the accelerated development of starts ups, early stage or early growth companies to become global referents.


Eurohealthtech is a Chinese/South European investment company providing alternative investments solutions in healthcare area. We link Asian capital with European new companies (Biotech, Medical device, IVD, Pharma, molecules…) as well as financing solutions to medium size companies in South Europe. Also exits and disinvestment options for VC and PE companies, since our funds are exclusivelly from sector investors.

We are able to invest, co-invest or use some of our overseas investor’s vehicles. Eurohealthtech works for, and closely, with large Chinese pharma’s, mutual funds and investment banks. Additionally, Eurohealthtech provides international advisory services in China including licensing, royalties, market entry, partnerships, and valuation/deal structure analysis, due diligence coordination, negotiation support, and process management.

We are currently looking for innovtive product in:

Therapeutic areas such as: Anti-AIDS, HCV, Narcotic Analgesia, Antidiabetics, Ophthalmology, hypolipidemic, Orphan diseases, Drugs for digestive track, cardiovascular, antidiabetics, blood related. IVD – Medical devices – New materials – New deliveries – Genetics – Fertilization

Everis, NNT Data - FITALENT

FiTalent (everis’ venturing fund) looks for investment opportunities relying on committed teams and innovative technology. In this new investment phase FIT has reinforced its commitment with innovation through the development of three different strategic lines, each of them with its own portfolio: Venture Capital, Corporate Venturing and Venture Building deals.

“Venture Capital” (VC) focuses on standard, high potential deals ranging from IT (included Digital Business) to Manufacturing, Biotechnology / Pharma and Energy, as long as the company has already developed a product or it is preclinical phase in case of Bio/Pharma leads. On the other hand, “Corporate Venturing” pursues similar deals but the involvement of everis’ business lines is a prerequisite. Finally, “Venture Building” looks for disruptive technology based start-ups, in very early stage, and a high potential growth in the short / medium term.

FIT’s investment ticket is quite flexible, from 150k€ up to 1M€ per deal, including the possibility to take part in future follow-up rounds.”
Business Angel investing in life science start ups. Chemical Engineer & MBA entrepreneur with professional experience of more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical field.


GENESIS Biomed is a start-up formed by entrepreneurs and with vocation of service to entrepreneurs and research centers.
In GENESIS Biomed we offer consulting services for projects related to biopharma, biotech, medical devices, in vitro diagnostic, nutraceutics and cosmetic fields.

We are in the process of fundraising a mid-size fund devoted to invest in early-stage projects. The fund will be operative in September 2017.

We are born in May 2017 and we are located in the Barcelona Science Park.


Grifols SA is a global healthcare company with more than 75-year legacy of improving people’s health and well being through the development of life-saving plasma medicines, diagnostic systems and hospital pharmacy products.

We’re looking for strategic investment opportunities in INNOVATIVE technologies aligned with Grifols core-competency and indications (Coagulation; Pulmonary; Neurology; Transfusional Medicine)


Healthequity was founded in 2012 and it’s promoted by the Medical Association of Barcelona and the financial group Riva y Garcia. We have €11M under management and 5 portfolio companies in May 2017. Healthequity has a team of highly qualified professionals, with the scientific, technical and financial know-how required to analyze and make investments to provide value to the invested company. It also has a network of contacts and key strategic relationships in the health ecosystem.

Our investment size ranges between €0.5M and €1.5M. We are open to co-investments in companies that require larger rounds. We are focused to invest in companies from Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

Target company profile:

1. Companies in the preclinical phase or clinical Phase I.
2. Shorter clinical roadmaps, companies ready to enter into clinical phases directly in patients (I/IIa), or Orphan Drug designation (ODD)
3. Possibility for line extensions to more than one indication
4. Capacity to raise international rounds. Proven traction & interest from international VCs & Pharmas
5. Market size: Big marketplaces or very profitable market niches with growth potential
6. Strong intellectual property protection or the capacity to generate strong entry barriers to competitors
7. Attractive and sustainable business model: the product or service should have good operating margins and a sustainable competitive advantage over time
8. Unique technology / disruptive product: the innovation should represent a substantial improvement over the existing standards
9. Regulatory roadmap: a well defined roadmap in clinical and legal terms
10. Outstanding team: the company should have a team with extensive experience in scientific and management areas. Motivated CEO with international vision and capacity to raise new funds.


Heuretes is a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in life science companies that are close to entering a clinical development programme and are eager to shape the healthcare solutions of tomorrow. We are driven by the belief that good ideas need to be encouraged by challenging the overall strategy and giving essential insights into the way that clinical programmes are executed.

Heuretes goes above and beyond what is normally expected of an “investment manager”: we focus on achieving operational excellence based on the knowledge of distinguished experts, embracing the full spectrum of potential challenges within the development process of a life science company.

For us, it is all about smart capital: we are eager to identify, invest in and support the rising stars who address unmet medical needs and improve patient’s lives.


Inveready is a leading early stage Venture Capital group in Spain. Inveready has raised four VC founds. We invest in high growth companies and innovative business models. Established in 2008 and with more tan 40 portfolio companies, Inveready has acquired extensive experience in both IT and Biotechnology and has raised a specific Biotechnology-only fund in 2012.

Inveready Biotech II is Inveready’s first fund solely focused on biotechnology companies. We are looking for opportunities in drug discovery, molecular diagnostics, nutraceuticals as well as medical devices and other opportunities. We are an early stage fund.

For us, it is all about smart capital: we are eager to identify, invest in and support the rising stars who address unmet medical needs and improve patient’s lives.


Johnson & Johnson Innovation seeks to positively impact human health through innovation. We do this by helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating healthcare solutions that improve peoples’ lives around the world. We work side-by-side with innovators throughout their journey, providing a robust exchange of ideas and resources to support their success. Our mission is to create the leading global innovation network to generate transformational healthcare solutions through value-creating partnerships. Johnson & Johnson Innovation is comprised of a family of complementary teams that bring meaningful solutions and flexible approaches to support collaboration. Our family brings expertise across all sectors: consumer, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and global public health:

  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation | JLABS and Johnson & Johnson Innovation | JLINX

Johnson & Johnson Innovation has developed a global network of incubators and incubation partnerships to support entrepreneurs launching consumer, medical device, or biopharmaceutical companies. If you are seeking incubation space for your early-stage company, or seeking to expand your start-up through an exchange of ideas and collaboration, make the connection with our incubation teams.

  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation | Innovation Centers

Innovation Centers—located in Boston, California, London and Shanghai—are Johnson & Johnson Innovation regional hubs, created to access the best science and technology in the region. If you are an entrepreneur or with an early-stage consumer or medical device company, or a biopharmaceutical company seeking a collaboration to advance a program which is pre-proof of concept in humans, make the connection with our Johnson & Johnson Innovation team.

  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation | JJDC, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc., the strategic venture arm of Johnson & Johnson, invests across all sectors and at all stages, from seed-level start-ups to Series B and beyond. If you are seeking a strategic venture partner, make the connection with our JJDC team.

  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation | Janssen Business Development

Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Janssen Business Development seeks to identify collaborative opportunities that will create transformative value for our partners and the world. If you are an established pharmaceutical company, or mid-sized to large biotechnology company, and seek a collaboration or merger & acquisition discussion, make the connection with our Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Janssen Business Development team.


KAUDAL is the leading firm in Spain in the investment of R&D projects for companies and technology centres. The firm has a fund of investors interested in financing up to 100Meuros in 2018. Investors do not enter the capital of the innovative company, as it is a Tax Investment, nor in the management of the company, being compatible with other Venture Capital funds.

The R&D projects financed by KAUDAL are open-ended, with amounts between 4 and 20 million euros, both for projects with annual or multi-annual duration.

KLSV - Kinled Life Sciences Ventures

KLSV is a privately held life sciences investment firm. The executives of Kinled Life Science Ventures have over 20 years’ experience in selecting highly innovative medical breakthrough companies.

  • Our vision: Great ideas/entrepreneurs need more than capital, they need guidance from experienced business people.
  • Our purpose: Source and finance innovative medical technologies that with our enthusiastic assistance can be developed into leading businesses.

Our shareholders have funded 23 companies in the Life Sciences industry since 1997. The investment strategy remains the same:

  • We work with companies that we feel our expertise and network will have a positive impact upon.
  • We are not trend investors and we only support highly innovative technologies.
  • We do not have any obligation to invest our capital nor to exit a deal.
  • We only invest our own capital.

Founded in July 2009, Kurma Partners is a key European player in the financing of Innovation in Healthcare and Biotechnology, from pre-seed to growth capital, notably through Kurma Biofund I, II, and Kurma Diagnostics, as well as via strategic partnerships with prestigious European research and medical institutions.

LABORATORIOS RUBIO - Products & Technology

Laboratorios Rubio, through its R&D subsidiary Products & Technology, is particularly interested in participating in ongoing projects of the following characteristics:

– Medical devices, In vitro diagnostic kits (POC best) and other biotech products relating to the therapeutical areas of its expertise.
– Solid IP
– Ideally EU wide or more.
– Time to market around 2 years
– Net investment by Rubio (excluding grants and soft loans) around 500.000 EUR.
– Therapeutical areas of interest:
1- Cardiovascular
2- Nephology / Urology / Andrology
3- Central Nervous System
4- Rheumatology with particular emphasys in autoimmune diseases (lupus erytematosus, Rheumatoid arthritis,…)

Our company already has some experience in public-private IP transfer with a spin off of the Rovira Virgili University (Biosfer Teslab), in which it is now the reference shareholder and has exclusive distribution rights in the EU.


LSP is one of Europe’s largest and most experienced healthcare investment firms. With a track record going back more than 25 years, we have built up an investment house that is dedicated to only one task: seeking, nurturing and growing healthcare investment opportunities with the potential to have a positive impact on society. From our offices in Amsterdam, Munich and Boston, our team aims to back the smartest inventors with the best ideas.


Medicxi is a life sciences-focused investment firm, originally created at Index Ventures, a leading international venture capital firm with offices in London, San Francisco, Geneva, and St. Helier (Jersey).

Over the years, Index raised a total of twelve funds, managed with separate life sciences and technology investment teams. In 2012, Index launched sector-specific venture funds for the first time, raising separately Index Ventures VI (technology focus) and Index Life VI (life sciences focus). Global Pharma GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK) and affiliates of Johnson & Johnson (Janssen; NYSE: JNJ) both partnered with Index by investing in Index Life VI. This was a key step in the path towards the founding of Medicxi as an independent venture firm.

Medicxi started its operations in February 2016, with offices in London, Geneva and St Helier (Jersey).

Currently, the firm is actively investing its 2 most recent funds, Medicxi Ventures 1 (focus on early-stage companies) and Medicxi Growth 1 (focus on later stage companies), in addition to managing the entire portfolio of all prior Index life sciences investments.

The firm is led by its five co-founders and Partners: Francesco, Kevin, Michèle, David and Giuseppe. Over the years, the five of them have collectively been involved in starting over seventy companies in several countries.


We drive innovation and back entrepreneurs through equity investments and hands on support in fields that could impact the vitality and sustainability of Merck’s current and future businesses. We are the strategic, corporate venture capital arm of Merck. Our mandate is to invest in innovative technologies and products with the potential to significantly impact Merck’s core business areas. From our headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in the US and Israel we invest globally in transformational ideas driven by great entrepreneurs. We take an active role in our portfolio companies and team up with entrepreneurs and co-investors to translate innovation towards commercial success. We have a significant focus on early stage investing and company creation including the creation of spin-offs to leverage Merck’s science and technology base.


Bold, meaningful collaborations. It’s critically important that we get them right because our work has the potential to impact the lives of millions. MSD is committed to partnering with scientists in the quest to address the many unmet medical needs that still exist. In MSD, you’ll find a business development and licensing team that combines strong scientific, financial and alliance management expertise to ensure the right people are working with you to help your discovery reach its full potential.

With over 100 business transactions since 2014, our team has the experience of working with partners through a wide spectrum of transactions from early-stage science to clinical stage programs. We offer flexibility and creativity in negotiations. Whether your innovation is from academia or a biotechnology company, you will find our process to be rapid, clear and straightforward. We believe that by working together with you we can play a major role in transforming global health care.


We represent Chinese investors who are interested in products or companies in:

  • In vitro diagnostics (IVD) fields, such as biochemistry reagents, immune-reagent, PCR reagents, sequencing, tumor immunotherapy, assisted reproduction (IVF).
  • Drugs which is going through or has passed 3rd phase of clinic trial, preferable related to diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, liver diseases, or some specific specialities.

ONEtoONE Corporate Finance Group is a Global Digital Investment Bank, specialized in Corporate Finance Advisory services, serving the middle-market.

Our Mission: Transform the Investment Banking world into a 100% customer-centric industry.

We provide our clients with an integrated financial consultation, in order to allow for the entry of new investors, sell their companies, move into new markets through acquisitions, strengthen their market position through a merger, draw up a strategic plan, and value their businesses correctly and accurately.

With more than 100 senior professionals, ONEtoONE helps find, attract and close deals with the buyers or investors who can pay the most, thus maximizing the value of your company. ONEtoONE has worked on more than 1000 mandates, both local and cross-border.

As experts in M&A (mergers and acquisitions), our 360º methodology provides a framework and set of tools specifically designed to reduce transaction time and maximize value for our clients. Our extensive team, databases and processes allow us to conduct worldwide searches, to locate and to interest the best possible counter-party for your transaction.


Origen Ventures Fund is a Venture Capital that invests exclusively in spinoffs related to nano technology, micro & nano electronics, photonics, advanced materials, industrial biotechnology, advanced manufacturing systems.

Technology driven companies tech based targeted on KETS, excluding therapeutic biotechnology and e-commerce businessesn and prioritary sourcing from our Partners.

• Proof of Concept
• Seed
• Early Growth

•Entry barriers: Robust intelectual property or know how that gives significant competitive advantage.
•Entrepreneurial and cohesive Management team, open to hire people for key positions if needed.
•Participation in management bodies: we have a hands-on approach, actively participating in Boards of Directors.

•80% in Spain (mainly Catalonia,Madrid areas )
•20% other countries (Israel, France, Germany, UK,…)

•1st Investment: 0,2 – 0,5 MM€
•Follow-on investments: 0,5 – 2MM€

•Co-investments in equity & debt.
•Preference to syndicate top-tier venture capital funds, but will lead in selected circumstances.

• 25- 40 MM €


Panakes Partners is a venture capital investor that finances in medical companies, startups, and high growth SMEs in Europe and Israel. Advantages of the firm are broad network of business contacts and corporate relations, domain expertise, proactive portfolio management, and relationship with selected industrial partners. Investments of the company focus on medical devices, diagnostics, biotech for in-vitro diagnostics, IT healthcare, and medical services. Partners of the company are MENARINI, ELEMASTER GROUP, IIT, TOSCANA LIFE SCIENCES, and HUMANITAS RESEARCH HOSPITAL. Portfolio businesses of the company are ECHOLIGHT, Vivasure medical, Alesi Surgical, Diadem and Seventeen.

Panakes Partners is an Italy-based company that was founded in 2015 by Alessio Beverina, Fabrizio Landi, and Diana Saraceni.


Founded in 1929 in Barcelona, Reig Jofre is a multinational pharmaceutical company whose activity is structured in two main areas: a main manufacturing and marketing of own developments (RJF Pharma, 80% of total sales) and a complementary development and specialized manufacture for (RJF CDMO, 20% of total sales). In its main activity, the company focuses on the development of technological specialty products (antibiotics and injectables); Products of therapeutic specialty in the areas of dermatology, gynecology and respiratory; And nutritional supplements and consumer healthcare. The company directs its R & D activity to the development of new indications and / or pharmaceutical forms on known active principles, generic medicines with a special focus on beta-lactam and injectable antibiotics, topical dermatological products, OTCs and nutritional supplements, as well as development Of innovative new molecules in partnership with start-ups and research centers.

Reig Jofre has more than 900 employees, 4 development centers and 3 production centers in Europe, direct sales in 6 countries in Europe and more than 130 business partners in 63 countries worldwide. The company closed 2016 with a turnover of 161 million euros.

Reig Jofre seeks partnering opportunities (research and development collaborations with leading academic institutions, biotech companies, pharmas or biopharmas and also licensing in opportunities to enhance its own internal R&D efforts in the areas of hospital, dermatology, gynecology, where the company has presence in the market.


Sofinnova Partners is an independent venture capital firm based in Paris. Over the past 40 years, the firm has financed and accompanied almost 500 companies. We invest in start-ups, early-stage companies and corporate spin-offs. We invest in Life Sciences (Biopharmaceuticals / Biotech, Medical Devices, Industrial Biotechnology). Sofinnova Partners proactively sources deals, takes a lead role, is most often the first institutional investor in Round A financings, and leads its portfolio companies until exit. We sit on the boards of our portfolio companies, and play an active role from the formation phase alongside entrepreneurs. We invest throughout Europe from our headquarters in Paris with a portion of investments made in the rest of the world.


UNINVEST is a manager of venture capital companies specializing in technology transfer. The management team Uninvest, has over 14 years experience in managing technology transfer funds in Spain.

Stage of investment: Early stage/Seed.

Areas of interest: Agrobiotechnology; Industrial Biotechnology; Healthcare Technologies (medical devices & diagnostics); Nanotechnology and New Materials.


XesGalicia is a Galician Venture Capital Management firm. It finances company development through the temporary acquisition of minority shares of the capital of unquoted companies.

In addition, it may make ordinary or mezzanine loans to the companies in which it invests through differents venture capital funds and the assets of a venture capital company.


With offices across Europe, United States and Asia and with our multi-disciplinary Partner and Advisor teams, Ventac Partners strives to provide its clients superior global services delivered locally. Covering Biotech, Pharma and Medtech, we offer hands-on experience and skills required to drive innovative technology-based projects from the laboratory to the market. Over the last 15 years, we have experienced a steadily growing business with industry and academic institutions, we have founded, incorporated and exited several companies together with our partners and investors and consulted on hundreds of different early stage or advanced projects. Ventac Partners is continuously expanding its international presence and remains committed to generate value to its clients and portfolio company partners and investors.

Our core area of expertise lies within the Biotech, Pharma and Medtech sectors. Collectively, our Partners and Advisors combine a vast experience in all aspects of business & product development and commercialization on a local, regional and global basis.


Ysios Capital is a leading Spanish venture capital firm that provides private equity financing to early- and mid-stage human healthcare and life science companies with a special focus on pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices. Founded in 2008, Ysios Capital currently has close to €200M ($220M) in assets under management across two funds and 19 active portfolio companies. Ysios BioFund II Innvierte was closed in September 2016 at €126.4 exceeding its initial target size of €100M.


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