Presenting companies

Final list of companies selected to present in alphabetical order.

With the support of:


Ability Pharma Biopharmaceutical Oncology
AKRN Consulting Medical Devices CRO
Arthex Biotech Biopharmaceutical ​RNA Therapeutics – Rare Diseases
Biomar Microbial Technologies Biopharmaceutical Drug Discovery – Marine Biotech
Bionos Biotech / 4Q Scorpiand Biopharmaceutical Neurodegenerative diseases
Corify Care Medical Devices Atrial fibrilation
Crazy Science & Business Diagnostics Sepsis prediction diagnostic kit
Doitplenoptic Medical Devices 3D Microscopy
Droplite Diagnostics Novel in-vitro smart diagnostics device
Eversens Medical Devices Detection of exhaled biomarkers (Respiratory diseases)
​Gate2Brain ​Biopharmaceutical Drug delivery – oncology
Immuni Therapeutics Biopharmaceutical Vaccines
Inhibitec Anticuerpos Biopharmaceutical mAb for psoriasic arthritis
LeadArtis Biopharmaceutical Immuno-oncology / bispecific antibodies
Lenti Stem Advanced Therapies Lentiviral vectors for treatment of cancer & other diseases
Leukos Biotech Biopharmaceutical Acute Myeloid Leukemia and other hematological malignancies
LimnoPharma Biopharmaceutical Novel treatment for ocular diseases (RP, dry AMD)
NanoDreams Health Technologies Nanomechanical spectrometers for real-time detection a of pathogens in the air
Nanoligent Biopharmaceutical Metastasis – Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
Oncoheroes Biopharmaceutical Childhood cancer
Peaches Biotech Biopharmaceutical Several diseases
Remab Therapeutics Advanced Therapies Infectious diseases – allergy – autoinmunity
Roka Furadada Advanced Therapies Treatment and prevention of skin diseases (specially cancer) related to UV radiation