Presenting companies


39ytu Biopharmaceutical Precision probiotics
Abvance Biotech Biopharmaceutical ​Complement Therapeutics
Adan Medical Innovation Digital Health Allergy
ADL Bionatur Biotechnology Market leader fermentation company
Admit Therapeutics Diagnostics Alzheimer
Algenex Biopharmaceutical Recombinant biologics
Allinky Biopharma Biopharmaceutical Oncology
Andalusian Network for Design and Traslation of Advanced Therapies Regenerative Medicine Several
​Aortyx ​Medical Devices Aortic Dissection
Aptatargets Bipharmaceutical Therapeutic aptamers
Biel Glasses Medical Technologies Low vision
Biocross Diagnostics Central Nervous System
Biohope Medical Technologies – In Vitro Diagnostics Chronic Inflammation
Biomedica Molecular Medicine Diagnostics-Personalized Medicine Oncology
Bioncotech Biopharmaceutical Oncology
Biosearch Life Biopharmaceutical Natural ingredients
Cellus Biomedica Advanced Therapies Orthoarthritis
CNIO – Natinal Cancer Research Centre Biopharmaceutical Advanced Therapies for Oncology & Ageing
Droplite Diagnostics Several
Ebers Medical Technology Medical Devices Ex vivo preservation of human solid organs
Elcode Medical Devices Drug & Cosmetic Delivery
Eversens Medical Devices Asthma & COPD
Evolgene Biotechnology Biocatalysis
Galea Therapeutics Biopharmaceutical Fat liver disease
Genetracer Biotech Precision Medicine & AI Oncology
Histocell Biopharmaceutical Cell Therapy
Innitius Medical Devices Obstetrics
Innoprick Medical Devices – Digital Health Allergy
​Innoup ​Bio/Nanotechnology Allergy/Oncology
Laminar Pharmaceuticals Biopharmaceutical Oncology
Life Lenght Personalized Medicine – Diagnostics Oncology / Ageing
Limnopharma Biopharmaceutical Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)
Medmesafe Personalized Medicine – Digital Health Predictive Medicine
Microviable Therapeutics Microbiota-based therapeutics
MJN Neuroserveis Medical Devices Central Nervous System
Molomics Drug Discovery Parkinson
Nanoligent Biopharmaceutical Oncology
Neurofix Biopharmaceutical CNS
Ona Therapeutics Biopharmaceutical Oncology
Q-rem Biopharmaceutical Regenerative Medicine-Osteoarthritis
Remab Therapeutics Biopharmaceutical Infectious Diseases
Rheodx Medical Technologies Hematology
SOM Biotech Biopharmaceutical Orphan Indications
Sylentis Biopharmaceutical Ocular Diseases
Taby Diagnostics Diagnostics Oncology
VLP Vaccines Animal Health Vaccines
Zecardio Therapeutics Biopharmaceutical Cardiovascular

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