AseBio rate & Academic 

Biotechnology Companies                 75€ + VAT
Academic/Research Institutions       75€ + VAT
Service providers*                               75€ + VAT (if approved)

General Registration

Biotechnology Companies                 175€ + VAT
Academic/Research Institutions       75€ + VAT
Non-profit organizations                    75€ + VAT
Service providers*                               175€ + VAT (if approved)

If you are a investor, please contact us directly to register:

Esther Campos –

David Fernández –



*Service providers notice:

This event is intended for companies actively seeking investment as well as investors looking for funding. Service providers including law, accounting and consulting firms, contract manufacturers, active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers, contract research organizations, real state development companies etc. will be allowed to attend on a one-to-one basis as approved by Asebio. If you are a service company and you’re interested in making use of the partnering system, we have exclusive sponsorship opportunities including this possibility. Please contact us: David Fernández –


All registrants will be invoiced in Euros.
Online registration will close on September 24, 2020.
Additional attendees from the same company will be invoiced for the registration fee.